4 Piece Microfiber Wand

4 Piece Microfiber Wand
4 Piece Microfiber Wand 4 Piece Microfiber Wand
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Construction: Helen's 4 Piece Microfiber Wand is a duster, window cleaner, and wet scrubber combined. The wand comes with three pads which will help you clean just about anything. Each pad is made into a triangular shape which helps you get into hard to reach areas to clean. The wand mates with the pads with a hook and loop Velcro® type connection. The wand swivels and also accepts an acme threaded handle like our Threaded Aluminum Telescoping Handle for added reach. One pad is made for dusting, it features tufted plush white microfiber material and tightly twisted microfiber fringe yarn. The kit also includes a wet pad which is constructed from the same material as out microfiber wet mops. There’s also a pad made from the same material as our Premium Microfiber Glass Towels.

Uses: There are many uses for our 4 Piece Microfiber Wand around the house or office, but it’s really great for auto detailing. All three pads are extremely useful inside and outside of your car, truck or RV. The duster pad is great for light cleaning between washings. It’s also great for dusting inside the car, since the wand adds to your reach you can easily dust your entire dash board, all the way up to the windshield while sitting in one spot. The glass cleaning pad may be the most useful in the whole bunch; it’s perfect for cleaning windows especially the corners of your windshield down by the dash as well as the corners of the rear window. The wet pad is good for washing your car, especially hard to reach areas on big trucks and RV’s.

Method: The 4 Piece Microfiber Wand couldn’t be easier to use. Just attach one of the pads to the wand and start cleaning. For cleaning glass with the glass cleaning pad spray the glass with cleaner or water and use the pad to wipe away the liquid. The wet pad should be used wet and the dusting pad should be used dry.

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