Microfiber Mitt

Microfiber Mitt
Microfiber Mitt Microfiber Mitt
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Construction: Helen’s Microfiber Mitt allows you to dust anything you can grab! It features plush microfiber material sewn into a mitt with a foam backing to add density as well as a synthetic insert which provides comfort to the user. The mitt is an 80/20 blend of woven split microfiber that will pick up and hold dust and dirt; it actually attracts it like a magnet dust to the positively charged fibers. The Microfiber Mitt also has a durable elastic cuff which will ensure that the mitt last a long time even after being washed over and over.
Uses: Our Microfiber Mitt is a great duster that works extremely effectively without adding any chemicals. The mitt is perfect for dusting odd shaped objects such as banisters, chairs and other ornate items that might be difficult to get good coverage on with a microfiber dusting cloth. The Microfiber Mitt also does a good job of dusting flat surfaces, it’s extremely plush which gives it plenty of room to pick up and hold dust and dirt. Do NOT use this as an oven mitt. Like most synthetic fibers, microfiber will melt when exposed to heat.
Method: Use the Microfiber Mitt dry. Simply slide your hand inside the microfiber mitt and begin dusting. When the duster is saturated with dust and dirt it can be machine washed with other microfiber items or rinsed off, then it can be machine or air dried.
    Sizes:      8” x 10” (21cm x 25cm)
    Color:      Blue
    Blend:     80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
    Denier:    .1-.2
    Fill:          3mm Foam

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