Microfiber Mop Bucket Dolly

Microfiber Mop Bucket Dolly
Microfiber Mop Bucket Dolly
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Buckets and Mop Tools are NOT included. 
Helen's Microfiber Bucket Dolly is a great tool for bigger microfiber mopping jobs. The dolly holds two of our Microfiber Mop Charging Buckets, it also holds two of our Microfiber Mop Tools. The dolly is made from powder coated steel, it has two wheels made of plastic. The handle of the dolly is bent towards the user (like a regular dolly / hand truck) so it’s easy to tilt to get it moving. The dolly breaks down in two for shipping, but that also means it will break down to fit in the trunk of most cars.
The dolly is perfect for use in hospitals. The idea is to have one bucket full of pre-moistened microfiber wet mop pads and leave the other bucket empty for the dirty mop pads. This way the staff can use one mop pad per patient room, as they’re designed to be used, and easily switch out the soiled mop for a clean one. This system will help prevent people from trying to stretch the use of each pad and which can add to the risk of cross contamination.
If there is a drawback to using microfiber flat mops it’s that usually you have to switch out or re-moisten the pads after 500 or so square feet because the mop had dried out. The dolly helps solve that problem. Now, if you’re a janitor at a school you can clean classroom after classroom without stopping. If you’re cleaning a large office you can now tote your clean mops around and have a place to put the dirty mops. The dolly really gives you a neater, more organized way to clean with microfiber flat mops.


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