Small Microfiber Charging Bucket

Small Microfiber Charging Bucket
Small Microfiber Charging Bucket
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Method: The best way to use the bucket is to place your small microfiber mop pads or microfiber towels in the bucket, blue side down, then pour a pre measured amount of water or cleaning/disinfecting solution into the bucket. In order to get the microfiber damp but not soaked you’ll need to get a feel for how much liquid it takes. With 11” wet mop pads it’s usually about 2 ounces per pad. When the liquid has been poured in firmly place the lid on the bucket and then flip it upside down. The liquid will evenly wick through the pads. If you have added the right amount of liquid you’ll be able to use the mop or towels without wringing them out. The bucket will hold approximately 50 folded 12”x12” Microfiber Towels or 25 of our Microfiber Wall Wash Mops
Construction: Helen’s Small Microfiber Charging Bucket is great for moistening small microfiber mops and microfiber towels for cleaning and disinfecting and keeping them that way until you’re ready to use them. They feature a water tight lid,  this means you can turn the bucket upside down to make sure your cleaning or disinfecting solution completely soaks your microfiber mops. In fact, that’s the correct way to use this type of bucket to “charge” your microfiber mops. This type of bucket is sometimes called a top down mop bucket. The small microfiber bucket is made from durable plastic which is smooth and non-porous which helps prevent bacteria growth and also cleans up easily. The bucket features a carrying handle with grips which is convenient for carrying it from room to room. Inside the bucket you’ll find measuring marks in both Gallons and Liters.
More: This is a great little bucket for cleaning professionals who are on the move. The water tight lid means you can take the bucket, full of moistered microfiber, from job to job without worrying about spilling.
Inside dimensions: 11.5” x 9” at top - 10.25” x 7.75” at bottom - 9” Deep
Capacity: 3.5 Gallons (13 Liters)
Color: Grey

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