Microfiber Dusters

Microfiber Cleaning Dusters  work so well because of their positively charged microscopic fibers. Dust is negatively charged so it’s attracted to our microfiber dusters like a magnet. This not only means that dust will be picked up instead of being pushed around, but it will be held in the duster until it’s washed or rinsed out. Most of our dusters are machine washable and when cared for properly can last hundreds of washings.

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Flexible High Duster Handle
  Construction: Helen’s Flexible High Duster Handle is a versatile tool made to hel..
Microfiber High Duster
  Helen’s Microfiber High Duster puts the High Duster Cover together with the Flexible H..
Premium Microfiber High Duster
  Helen’s Premium Microfiber High Duster puts the Premium High Duster Cover together wit..
Microfiber High Duster Cover
  Construction:  Helen’s Microfiber High Duster Cover is made from the same materia..
Premium Microfiber High Duster Cover
  Construction:     Helen’s Premium Microfiber High Duster Cover is ..
Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster
  Construction: Helen’s Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster is our most economical mi..
Microfiber Glove
  Construction: Helen’s Microfiber Glove is a handy cleaning tool. The split microf..
Microfiber Hand Duster
  Construction: Helen’s Microfiber Hand Duster allows you to dust or disinfect anything ..
Microfiber Mitt
  Construction: Helen’s Microfiber Mitt allows you to dust anything you can grab! I..
4 Piece Microfiber Wand
  Construction: Helen's 4 Piece Microfiber Wand is a duster, window cleaner, and we..
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